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"A Very Important Part of My Life"

My parents, Joe and Eva Carlton, moved to 806 Franklin St. in about 1926--before the gym was built at Wesley House. We started going to Wesley House and learned cooking, sewing, Bible study, use of the library, Vacation Bible School in the summer, also a trip to Camp Chelon. After the gym was built, we played two-court basketball, also went (walked to and from) Thurston Park to play softball. We were also entertained by minstrels and the Mothers Club. (My mother played the piano for the Mothers Club.) There was square dancing on Friday night (after the gym was built) for our parents.

If it had not been for Elizabeth Russell, I would not have been able to attend my high school graduation. I received my diploma in 1935, then went to work for the Health Department in 1936. I had done volunteer work until then to get experience.

There were nine of us children, three of which were born on Franklin St. The last one, Libby, was born in the hospital. Her name is Elizabeth after Miss Russell. There are only three of us living now: myself, Joe, and Libby.

If it had not been for Miss Gainey, there would have been many a meal we would not have had.

There were many happy days spent at Wesley House. There were sewing classes, cooking classes, basketball (after the gym was built), softball, plays, minstrels, Mothers Club, banquets, Bible school, a library, and a telephone. I met Martha Jones Watkins in 1936. We remained friends for the rest of her life.

After I went to work in 1936, my activities went in other directions, but Wesley House played a very important part of my life which I have never forgotten. I do not get around like I used to (at 86 now), but remember vividly my days on Franklin St.

Kathryn Carlton (Hodge) Glasser
Louisville, KY


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