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"I Have Really Fond Memories"

My mom, dad, two brothers, and I lived at 345 S. Shelby St. from 1943-1948. My dad worked at the Jeff Boatworks making LSTs during the war. I remember the food stamps and the victory gardens so well. And since we didn't have an automobile, we traded our gas coupons for sugar coupons because my mom canned a lot.

My brothers and myself came to Wesley House during those years and I especially remember coming on Saturday mornings to watch the movies--Flash Gordon, if I remember correctly.

Ms. Mandelbaum was there and I remember her well. I attended Margaret Merker School and went to the Methodist Church on Market St.

Two of the pictures below are from Lake Louisvilla, about 1945-46. In one, I am climbing out of the rowboat, having just passed my rowing test. In the other (I'm in the middle), we are setting our pottery out in the sun to dry. I have really fond memories of getting to go to camp. The photo of myself and the little boy (I don't remember his name) was made by some social service agency who asked for two children to pose for a brochure. I remember being so very proud that I was chosen for the picture. You can see where they drew our mark in the sand where we were to stand. I had the brochure for a long time, but have not been able to locate it.

Margie Garland
Louisville, KY

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