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"The Neighborhood Place Meant A Lot To Us"

My name is Alicestasia Mattern Davis. I was born and raised in Butchertown. In 1946, my family moved to 811 E. Washington Street, only a few doors from Wesley House. Since my parents, John and Annabell Miffert Mattern never owned a car, the neighborhood place meant a lot to us. My fond memories are many.

My best times were the ones I spent skating there with my two sisters Georgia Mattern Ford and Joann Mattern Hardin and best friend Norma Milburn Dupin. In the large gym was this big juke box that had all of those great songs to skate by like "I'm In The Mood." There was a small fee but it was well worth it. My sister Georgia said she learned to skate at Wesley House.

There were other activities also. My mother and two sisters and I attended some classes like cooking, sewing, etc. There were movies that were shown outside.

All of the outside area of Wesley House was concrete so us girls would put on those metal skates and skate often. There were outside basketball hoops that were used often.

I could never forget Miss Mandlebaum, a little lady with a lot of energy who was always on the job to see that everything ran smoothly. She did a wonderful job along with other staff. For me, all of this was over 55 years ago.

The house we rented at 811 E. Washington no longer stands but it holds memories like living there for a few months after my marriage to David L. Davis on April 1, 1951.

I pray the Lord our God will allow Wesley House to continue the work they do now.

Some good neighbors were Cowan, Milburn, Nalley, Carpenter, Owens, Palmer, Fowler and Beeler.

Thank you,

Alicestasia Mattern Davis
Louisville, KY


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