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"Another Hundred Years and Beyond"

Wesley House has long been dear to my heart. For several years I helped in the preparation of a meal to be taken to Wesley House twice a year to be served to the oldsters of the community, but I did not get to go because I worked. After I retired in 1981, I had the privilege of going and helping to serve the meals, and oh what a joy that was.

One time we would take homemade vegetable soup, crackers, cheese, and homemade pies. Another time we would take ham (that we cooked beforehand) and take potatoes and cabbage, which we would cook there. We also baked cornbread there and my how those oldsters enjoyed the hot bread and butter. This time we took homemade cakes. I was the cornbread maker and could hardly keep it cooked fast enough. Several of our women would do the serving and it kept them busy passing out the hot cornbread. What a joy it was to see those oldsters enjoy those hot homemade meals. We also took each one a goodie bag to take home with them.

At Christmastime we took items to their Christmas shop which the children could buy for their loved ones for Christmas. Everything was sold for small change, but it gave the children the satisfaction of "buying" gifts themselves.

We always sponsored a child in summer camp and did numerous other things through the years. All of this gave me much pleasure and satisfaction.

I had always thought that when I retired I would do volunteer work at Wesley House but took on a fulltime volunteer job at my church instead.

I am 86 years old and live in an assisted living facility; therefore, I can no longer give of my services or financial support to Wesley House, but I pray for the work there that it will continue for another hundred years and beyond.

Mildred H. Chambers
Louisville, KY


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