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"Many Pleasant Memories"

In the 1960s, my mother and I attended the crafts class at Wesley House. The instructor was a Miss Davis. We made many articles, including several serving trays that I still have and use. The ladies who attended the class were always helpful and taught us many things. They showed me how to do Swedish embroidery, and I still use the towels that I made.

For 5 you could drink all the coffee that you wanted. We brought sandwiches from home for our lunch. Near holidays we had pot-luck lunches and were joined by the painting class. We always had a nice variety of food.

One time, we went to a camp for an outing and Miss Davis drove us there.

June Fisher took over as Director when Miss Davis retired.

I have many pleasant memories of going to the crafts class at Wesley House.

Margie J. Bailey
Louisville, KY


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